The Creation

Ego, the creation

The Beginning

The story started in January 2020, when two men, a Polish business man and a Belgian designer sat next to each other in a plane flying from Barcelona, Spain to Krakow, Poland with a mutual interest. It all started with one simple question: "where do you buy your jewelry?". This question sparked the beginning of something new, the creation of EGO® jewelry.

The Name

Ego's origin comes from the Latin word "EGO", "I". It is all about the wearer, making the wearer stand out from the crowd with experimental and dared designs.


EGO® stands for unity and love, we do not have any place for hate. We create unisex jewelry for people who are bolt to stand out and or people who just like redefining and completing their outfits and like to accessories.

The Designs

A month after this meeting and thinking about a name and about designs the drawing began.

All EGO® designs are drawn by hand and projected in a 3D program to make sure the jewelry is not only beautiful for the eye but also makes the wearer stand out from the crowd and completes his/her outfit.


Artifakt Pedant
Artifakt Pendant in 3D

This is then sent to one of our factories, depending which part or which product, as all go them are specialized in their own field to guarantee the best quality.



Kevu X Ego

In September 2021, EGO® was invited to Portugal to work on an exclusive collection between Kevu and EGO to create a limited edition for one of the world's best Dj's. 


EGO® is a growing brand with currently 4 points of sale in Belgium and Poland and continues to grow by partnering up with different artists and different stores.



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